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Exterior wall waterproofing and thermal insulation

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  Product: P601 Highly viscosity/Highly elastic exterior wall waterproofing coating
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This is a water-based coating made using a copolycondensate composed mainly of polymerized acrylicemulsified resin. 

Introduced from overseas, it provides excellent water resistance and thermal insulation.  This product overcomes completely the problem of good initial elasticity but long-term brittleness suffered by standard acrylic resins. 

It is also resistant to water immersion and has good adhesiveness unlike most water-based acrylic coatings. 

Its most important feature is that it bonds well with the existing painted walls, solving leakage problems of existing painted walls .



  • Adheres well to existing painted walls – absolutely no bubbling.

  • Good viscosity and elasticity means that the painted exterior walls no longer suffer from problems with cracks or powdering Applying this waterproof layer to the finished surface of exterior walls prevents the occurrence of wall weathering and concrete cancer.

  • Can be used instead of cement paint to achieve waterproofing, thermal insulation and aesthetic polish.


External Appearance and Color

Chrome Green
(Other colors available on request)



Waterproofing and thermal insulation for painted exterior cement walls and existing exterion walls.

Fixing of peeling or cracking surfaces on painted interior walls.



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