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Sports court coating

Products > Sports court coating  
  Product: Sports court coatings
  Author: newheart     Date : 08-07-19 07:28     Hit : 5165    
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  •  A new type of compound material with the adhesive strength of organics and the weather-resistance of inorganic materials.
  • Light and seamless, it helps with the weight reduction of building floors.
  • Soft, flexible and supple, it is highly resistant to floor cracks.
  • Excellent resistance to water, wear, weather, alkali and heat
  • Provides complete adhesion to AC or RC layers so can be used in refurbishment projects.
  • Complete ly overcomes the reverse-seepage problem of substrates – so there’s none of the usual sports court problems of reverse seepage and expansion.



  • 5 gallon plastic bucket

External Appearance and Color

  • Chrome Green
  • Red
  • (Inquire for other colors)


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