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  Product: Nano-grade products
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The water-based nano inorganic anti-fouling coating is composed mainly of silicone. 

The silicone is made up of tiny micro-particles with very powerful water-absorbing properties giving it excellent vapor transmission and water-absorption. 

When humidity is high it absorbs the moisture in the air, yet when temperature is high it releases the moisture that has been absorbed by the coating. 

This enables it to effectively regulate indoor temperatures while preventing the excessive build-up of moisture in the RC structure that may lead to concrete cancer. 

The water-based environmentally friendly anti-fouling coating is therefore a multi-purpose coating that can breathe, regulate humidity and temperature as well as protect RC structures.




Resistant to weather, good adhesion and long lasting.  Suitable for all kinds of materials.


Resistant to damp and mold so it always looks brand new.  Suitable for use with walls in such as bathrooms, swimming pools, spas and basements where damp is a concern.
  Resistant to fouling and easy to clean.  Suitable for public places such as schools, hyper-marts, resort hotels and entertainment centers.
  Mold-resistant, easy to clean and does not give off toxic volatile gases.  Suitable for facilities with health and safety concerns such as hospitals, sterile rooms, clean rooms, pharmaceutical plants and food storage.
  Water-soluble, non-toxic and contains no organic volatile substances so it’s perfectly safe to human health.  It therefore complies fully with all current and future VOC laws and regulations .


Has no flash point so is not a fire hazard.  It is perfectly safe during use, storage and transportation.



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