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Leak stopping & premvetion prevention products

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  Product: P996 Hydrophobic water-reactive foam(one-component)
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  1. The PU-996 is a PU resin with a higher content of oleophilic epoxy propane.  It foams when it comes into contact with water and is hydrophobic, so can last for a long time in structural cracks without being dissolved by water.
  2. Foam expansion ratio is about 30 times.
  3. Appearance: Brown liquid.
  4. Viscosity: 1000cps.




  • Attention to fire safety should be paid during storage and transportation.  Keep out of direct sunlight and rain.

  • When kept out of sunlight and damp this product has a shelf life of 6 months.

  • Custom cleaning agent and spray nozzle and injection tips in 8-76mm(C8), 13-85mm(A8) and 13-106mm(A10) sizes available. (50 pcs/pack)



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