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  Product: P801 Basement-specific fast-hardening caulking powder
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The P-801 Fast-Hardening Caulking Powder is a fast leak stopping material designed for basements. 

It is a compound made from a mix of various inorganic salts with high aluminum content cement as its body.  It is easy to apply, high strength, quick hardening with good adhesion. 

It also does not suffer from the tendency of most fast-drying cement products on the market to crack after drying.



  • Fast hardening – only 2 ~ 5 minutes.
  • Does not shrink after hardening. 
  • Provides permanent leak stopping and will not crack again.
  • Good seal with the drilled hole – excellent adhesion.
  • Extremely durable so it will last as long as the structural material itself.
  • No wastage and unlike quick drying cement does not have to be completely drilled out before resealing if another leak occurs.

External Appearance and Color

  • Cement color



  • Stop leaks in basements, water tanks, cisterns and swimming pools
  • PS. 1. The Caulking Powder  must be kept away from damp and in a dry place.
  •  2. Gloves are recommended during application.



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