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  Product: P102 Penetrating hard non-foaming fast-curing filler
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The Penetrating Hard Non-Foaming Fast-Curing Filler is a two-component polyurethane material composed of resin with hexamethylene diisocyanates (HDI) as the hardener.  As it is low-viscosity, fast-curing with no air bubbles once formed, it can be injected into most underground structures as a waterproofing agent and also used to seal aluminum window frames against the weather.



  • Fast leak-stopping for basement exterior walls
  • Leak-stopping for aluminum windows
  • Leak-stopping and reinforcement of cracks in the floor
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • Does not expand and deform
  • Low viscosity, so easy-flowing


  • Curing Time: 80 minutes
  • Blend:
  • Mix Ratio:
  • Main Agent: hardener = 1:1
  • (precise ratio not required)



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