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  Product: P707 Cement acrylic polymer additive
  Author: newheart     Date : 08-07-19 06:33     Hit : 10731    
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The P-707 is a water-based acrylic resin designed specifically for use as a cement enhancer. Its main functions are?
1.To improve the bond between new and old cement mix with mortar for repairs and use as a thin coating.)
2.Improve cement properties such as strength in tension and compression, resistance to bending and impact as well as adhesion and elongation strength.



  • Pure acrylic-based high polymerigation for excellent weather and water resistance. 
  • Will not degrade, making it suitable for outdoor use.
  • Completely compatible with cement, with excellent adhesion to all kinds of substrates such as cement, brick, timber, metal, PVC and styrofoam
  • No watering needed during the curing process.
  • Water-based resin so there is no solvent pollution or strong odor.


  • High-strength cement mortar binder for rooftop cement finish.
  • High-strength cement mortar binder for repairing any R.C. structure indention.
  • Cement enhancer for wear-resistant floor cement mortar coating.
  • Cement enhancer for basement leaks, hole repairs and inner wall anti-hydrostatic pressure treatment
  • High-power treatment agent for chalking or flaking rooftops before waterproofing work.



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